/slɒt / (say slot)

1. a narrow, elongated depression or aperture, especially one to receive or admit something.
a. a position within a system.
b. Grammar a position within a given grammatical construction, such as that in which a subject or modifier may occur, and which therefore defines the function of any words which fill it.
3. Aeronautics an air passage in an aerofoil directing the air from the lower to the upper surface.
4. timeslot.
5. Colloquial prison.
verb (slotted, slotting)
verb (t)
6. to provide with a slot or slots; make a slot in.
7. Football, etc. to kick (a ball) into a goal.
8. Prison Colloquial to lock up in a cell.
verb (i)
9. (sometimes followed by into) to fit: your talk can slot into the morning program.
10. slot home a winner, Colloquial
a. Football (Hockey) to score a goal.
b. to succeed.
11. slot in,
a. to insert into a slot.
b. to settle in; adapt.
12. work one's slot out, Colloquial to work very hard.
{Middle English, from Old French esclot hollow between breasts}
slotter, noun
/slɒt / (say slot)

1. the track or trail of a deer or other animal, as shown by the marks of the feet.
2. the track, trace, or trail of anything.
{Anglo-French and Old French esclot print of a horse; probably related to sleuth}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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